Vaincre l’Autisme

Die in Color and Look Further were requested in the form of skills-based sponsorship by M’Hammed Sajidi, founder of Vaincre l’Autisme, in order to work on the association’s communication.
Elisabeth Boucher of Look Further, has developed a communication strategy aiming to deliver positive messages and have Vaincre l’Autisme become a “Problem solver”. Die in Color’s mission was to illustrate this strategy.

Social network

On social networks, communication had to be structured by solutions that resulted in a new graphic guidelines.
Copywriter : Elisabeth Boucher Art Director : Camille Fuger Photographer : Vincent Nageotte


On billboards, the message was to highlight the message of “1 on 50 children is born with autism” and demonstrate that there were various support solutions that the association has set up. We photographed 4 children of the association who took full advantage of these solutions. To complete these displays, we also used video areas.
Art Director : Camille Fuger Photographer : Pauline Darley

TV & radio campaign

In order to make an effective spot, realistic, in a low cost process, we decided to film as close as possible  the autistic children in the associations location, highlighting the various solutions. The shooting, done in accordance with the confinement rules and respect for children, turned into a 30 seconds documentary.
We created as well, 2 radio spots from the same script.
Directors : Camille Fuger & Christophe Da Silva  DOP : Christophe Da Silva  Editing : Camille Fuger  Sound : V-dogg/Vincent de Azevedo. Voice over : Marine Maïwa

Corporate documentations

This campaign was accompanied by a redesign of association’s various documents and a press kit.
Art Director: Camille Fuger