Gibaud has been weaving a unique story in France since 1890: the story of a textile workshop dedicated to the health of the entire family. Today, Gibaud specializes in orthopedics, support and podiatry, and distributes its services worldwide. Its goal is to transform the world of health by creating new links between caregivers and patients.
After redesigning its identity platform, which was done in cooperation with two strategic corporate brand identity consultants, Bérengère Bachellerie and Claire Guha, Gibaud has announced its new positioning, as expressed in its new signature: weavers of care. (Tisseurs de soin)
Creative Director and Producer : Fred Fenouil – Die in Color

A new logo

We developed a more modern look, a stable and dynamic form. The use of inverted capitals, symbolic of elasticity and finally. The dark red was replaced by a bright, modern, confident red which is more compatible with digital technology.
This identity development was then continued by the artistic department and by the creation of a brand book, our foundational identity document.
This complete redesigning led the creation of a brandbook and a completely new graphic charter that has resulted in new packaging and various internal and external communication tools.

An international film

Die in Color co-designed, produced and directed the brand film, highlighting the human element and the “weavers of care” positioning, which is omnipresent in everything from the design to the distribution of our products, including manufacturing in the Lyon St Etienne and Trévoux factories.

An image bank

And because content is a key element of communication, we used the filming as an opportunity to build an in-house image bank that features employees. This rich source now enriches Gibaud’s communication in its digital and internal communications.

In-store communication

We continue to support and promote our new identity on the market by developing and producing new product campaigns to be displayed in pharmacies, on the Internet or internally.

Packaging guidelines

We have proposed  guidelines for different ranges of the brand’s packaging distributed in drugstores.