Bien Élevées

Bien Elevées is an initiative founded by four sisters who decided to grow saffron on the roofs of Paris and thus create a new brand of urban agriculture.
In collaboration with Look Further, a strategy and influencer agency, Die in Color was entrusted with launching Bien Elevées’ brand platform.
Creative Director and Producer : Fred Fenouil – Die in Color

A logo

The Bien Elevées logo shows a Parisian skyline featuring the rooftops where the four sisters grow saffron. A monogram from the logo reflects the high-end positioning of the brand.

A “homemade” graphic design system

Bien Elevées also embodies the different and complementary talents of 4 creative young women. Therefore, we needed to come up with a graphic design that they could use and manage by themselves without always having to call upon the resources of Die in Color. We needed to combine Illustrations, animations and poetic language, all within a simple system. This graphic charter uses circles, colors, frames and photo masks on which our entrepreneurs’ creations are superimposed.

A brand video

To tell this story, we needed to create an animated video that would include our saffron growers. The idea was to tell the story through their four voices, in a real and poetic manner, while using stop motion animation.


As a logical next step, the startup entrusted us with designing the packaging and POS display for its saffron production as well as its saffron-based products.